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Empower individuals to Inspire global Change through creativity.


We believe that creativity and the arts have the power to shift perceptions and build confident global citizens.




Our trips provide a journey of cultural immersion, personal development and social impact, empowering individuals to continue the work they have started.



We support and sustain the development of  creative community led projects that tackle the current issues in Medie, Ghana.



Our workshops and programmes in UK schools improve self confidence and team building skills, inspiring the next generation of global citizens.


An excerpt from education activist, Sir Ken Robinson

Why do you think creativity is especially important right now?

The challenges we currently face are without precedent. More people live on this planet now than at any other time in history. The world’s population has doubled in the past 30 years. We’re facing an increasing strain on the world’s natural resources. Technology is advancing at a headlong rate of speed. It’s transforming how people work, think, and connect. It’s transforming our cultural values.

If you look at the resulting strains on our political and financial institutions, on health care, on education, there really isn’t a time in history where you could look back and say, “Well, of course, this is the same thing all over again.” It isn’t. This is really new, and we’re going to need every ounce of ingenuity, imagination, and creativity to confront these problems.

Also, we’re living in times of massive unpredictability. The kids who are starting school this September will be retiring—if they ever do—around 2070. Nobody has a clue what the world’s going to look like in five years, or even next year actually, and yet it’s the job of education to help kids make sense of the world they’re going to live in.

You know, for my generation—I was born in 1950—we were told that if you worked hard, went to college, and got a regular academic degree, you’d be set for life. Well, nobody thinks that’s true anymore, and yet we keep running our school systems as though it were. So many people have degrees now that an individual degree isn’t worth a fraction of what it used to be worth. So being creative is essential to us; it’s essential for our economy.

I work a lot with Fortune 500 companies, and they’re always saying, “We need people who can be innovative, who can think differently.” If you look at the mortality rate among companies, it’s massive. America is now facing the biggest challenge it’s ever faced—to maintain it’s position in the world economies. All these things demand high levels of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. At the moment, instead of promoting creativity, I think we’re systematically educating it out of our kids.

It’s time to bring creativity to the forefront of education.