Upcoming Trips and Experiences

The shortest way to yourself is around the world.

28th April –
1st May 2017


Join us and an intimate collective of people for a hiking and personal reflection retreat. Perfect if you are seeking to get outdoors, meet inspiring new people and take a few days away from your busy day to day lives.


1st -22nd August 2017
25th June- 17th July 2018


Our flagship experience.
Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Ghana whilst getting involved with our local community impact projects. These experiences have a strong focus on personal leadership development.

27th December 2017 –
7th January 2018


Join us as we attempt to climb the highest mountain in Africa.
In aid of our community development projects in Ghana, we will be bringing in 2018 on top of the world. Are you up for the challenge?

Bespoke experiences

We design and facilitate experiences in Ghana for professional teams and college groups. All proceeds of these trips go towards our development projects on the ground. Interested in how we can help you build an unforgettable experience?

“This trip changed my life. I am incredibly grateful to Move The World and I am inspired to keep pushing forwards.”

We take pride in designing high impact experiences for individuals, groups and communities.

Our trips and experiences focus on three areas:


Cultural Immersion

We believe in the power of the arts and creativity. Using these mediums to engage with different cultures and people we can break down boundaries and create real, long lasting relationships.


Personal Development

Change begins with the individual. All our work supports personal development. As trained facilitators and coaches we are equipped to lead you on a personal discovery journey. Who are you? What is your purpose?


Social Impact

The world has a lot of challenges and by working together we can begin to tackle these one step at a time. Engage with our development projects or get involved in your own communities. The focus? Take action!

Past Experiences


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February 2015 


June 2013