Aug 2017

ABC 123

ABC 123

Today was our second day of summer school at Sowers. By today we were in the rhythm of the whole session. The transitions were smooth and the partners each had their own groove.

Today’s topic was “relationships.” My game was “who am I?” which is where everyone partners up and for a length of time, normally 30 seconds to one minute, one partner must answer the question and keep talking for the entire time. The partner who is listening is not able to respond in any way. The kids did very well at the game discussing what a relationship is and other pertaining questions.

One thing I noticed, is that the teaching here is very different back home. I mean that in the sense that here, students memorize the definitions of everything. Whereas back home, we do have to memorize definitions, but we are also taught to think deeper and beyond just the definition. It’s hard to wrap my brain about how different some of the things that they do are. It was explained to me that a lot of the children won’t be able to further their education past this point. There is also the fact that most of the teachers aren’t trained, unless you go to a more expensive school. However at Sowers, the teachers teach the way that they were taught, which as I mentioned before, is by memorization.

Even the school fees are completely different, at home we pay them once a year at the beginning of the school year. Here they pay on a daily basis, which I do understand because the fee is a lot of money for them to pay at one time. What happens to a child who doesn’t have the available money to pay every day?

I was in the same classroom as the day before, which is absolutely tiny. There are often three or four to a desk at a time, needless to say, it is very cramped. Not only is the space small, it is the worst room in the school to be in when it rains. And I had the very unfortunate chance to experience that first hand. We had been outside where there was more space, however, we had to run back into the classroom because it started to rain. Here, when it rains, it REALLY rains. There was not one spot that I could stand in where I wouldn’t have rain drops falling on me. Not only does water come through the ceiling, as it is raining the sound is extremely loud because it’s falling onto a tin roof. I could not hear anything that was being said. Thankfully the rain didn’t last long and we were able to continue with our classes.

Being in that classroom and seeing first hand the way these kids are taught, makes me very grateful for living where I live and having the education that I have. I think of all those times when I was sitting in class and hating what the teachers made us do, if only I knew then what I know now.


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