Annual Impact Review 2017/18

Theme: Be a Sail Boat Not a Speed Boat

Download our Annual Report 2017/18 here

The past 12 months have been eventful, encouraging and at times challenging. There has been a theme of change around the world, within our organisation and in our personal lives; Jacque got married, Megan got engaged and Claire decided to make the move to work full time at Move The World. We have learnt many lessons, but a key one to take forwards is the importance of not needing to rush, to slow down, make the right decisions and enjoy the journey… be a sail boat not a speed boat.

In November 2017 we hired Emmanuel, who joined the team full time as our Ghana Director and is doing an incredible job alongside Joesph and Kwesi laying the foundations for future community development projects in Medie and beyond. The success of our Ghana team has meant our focus has been able to shift to UK community engagement, developing our strategy for long term sustainable solutions including exciting new revenue streams, event series and collaborations.

Our network of volunteers and partners is growing and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who continues to support our dream of a world of thriving, creative communities. We hope the next 12 months sees the fruition of the hard ground work we did last year and look forward to continuing to connect and work together in the future.

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