Country Retreat- 1st Training Hike!

We had an incredible long weekend with some of our Kilimanjaro team and MTW community exploring Snowden and The Sandstone Trail.

All seemed to be in good working order as we all arrived in Chester Friday evening and had a superb pub lunch. Still going strong as we left the house bright and early at 6.30am on Saturday morning…until a tire blew and we were stuck on the side of the road surrounded by sheep and the beautiful country side. After a detour of a second breakfast, 2 new tires and a nice AA technician we were on our way to Snowden…..officially.

A climb that was to start at 8am now started at noon- but the team was ready as ever and off we went!

For those who may know the Crib Goch route is the toughest and most challenging. With steep drop offs all around you, the majority of the ‘hike’ is a crawl as you are scaling the rocks alongside the mountain. With a rescue helicopter circling above us, a few tears of fear and a lot of encouraging words we all safely made it to the top of Snowden! An 8 hour adventure in total- we drove home exhausted, made dinner in 10 min flat and all fell into bed.

Waking up the next day was our next challenge as our bodies were bruised and achy. After a quick breakfast the hiking boots were back on, the puppies in the cars and off we went to have a nice walk along The Sandstone Trail. A chance to speak with eachother, test out the kissing gates and end the afternoon with a pint at the pub.

Move the World is honoured to have spent the weekend with these 10 individuals and can’t wait to see the pictures from Kilimanjaro! Stay tuned for a hike up Ben Nevis in August 2017!

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