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Emmanuel represents Move The World in Senegal

Our Ghana Director, Emmanuel Mumuni, represented Move The World at the Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. He was invited to speak on a panel of experts about innovation in Education in Ghana. Read below to hear more about his experience.

Day 1:
We had an opening address by The Prime Minister of Senegal and The Minster of Education. I met the Worldbank Director of Education in West Africa, NEPAD South Africa Country Manager, and a Swedish innovator in Somalia who has turned her livestock farm into an educational centre for young Somalians.

 I have had so many learnings already from this conference. I just finished a 2 hour long conversation with a British woman who lives in South Africa who has some interesting career and life stories.

My learning for the day is most people born after 2005 will change careers at least 5 times in their lifetime because of a fast changing world. Many professions will die out and many will emerge!

Day 2:
Today was panel day! Very engaging conversation with fellow panelist around the topic of innovating education in Africa. The moderator employed the ‘fish bowl’ approach in facilitating the panel discussion. I spoke about the need for authorities to revisit the curriculum of various educational institutions in order to influence the quality of graduates. I also emphasised the importance of partnerships between Government and the private sector in designing the best models for schools.

Day 3:
Saturday was mostly a pitch competition for education innovators. A Ghanaian won the 1st price – $100,000. He makes science learning tools kits for students and has won numerous awards around the world for his innovation.

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