Emmanuel’s 2019 Vision for Move The World

With a clear vision for Move The World Ghana, 2019 holds a lot of promise for impact and growth. The team is looking to employing Get Global as a tool to create measurable impact for various communities in Ga West. 

The goal is to have a pilot in January and quickly grow enough to end the year with the implementation of 6 high quality Get Global programmes. This is workable considering the amount of time and work that has gone into the planning coupled with an amazing local team of facilitators.

As a sailboat, we are very keen on investing significantly in the pilot stage and making it a testbed and proof of concept of Get Global going forward. This will have a massive impact on our ability to scale and making meaningful difference in the communities that we seek to work in.

Depending on how fast we impact the Ga West District, we will also consider going into a nearby district. Strategic partnerships will play a key to making this expansion possible. We will also like to make the most out of the UK team’s visit to Ghana in April by having another facilitator training. More qualified facilitators will help in the scaling process of Get Global to other districts and regions.

In an attempt to be financially sustainable, we also explore funding and revenue generating opportunities locally and internationally. We will actively engage with relevant funding organisations for partnerships in that area.

We will ensure that all partnerships are relevant and aligned with the core values of Move The World. As the local team grows, we will consider viability of having a dedicated office space in Accra, Ghana. We will explore how we can utilise the space to create revenue and partnerships in different ways. It will also be an opportunity to bring together organisations in the ecosystem to share resource and influence growth.

Building a volunteer network will be central to the growth of the functioning team of Move The World Ghana. We will like to provide varied opportunities for young people to contribute to impact but also improve their capacity through the experience that they receive from our activities.

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