Get Global!

I can’t believe two weeks has passed already! Two weeks ago Move The World Ghana and guests held a facilitator training for our new educational programme, Get Global; launching January 2019 in schools in Medie. Get Global is a 6 month experiential education programme aimed at 9-11 year olds to learn about the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), specifically focusing right now on the first 6. 

The first 6 SDG’s are:

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Wellbeing 

Quality Education 

Gender Equality

Clean water and Sanitation

With the African Youth SDG’s Summit happening the week before in Accra and Marylebone station London launching its SDG floor tiles the same weekend; now is a great time to get involved in developing our world for future generations with todays youth. 

Monday was a jam packed day of getting to grips with what Get Global has in store for them and the youth of Medie! Even as adults we enjoyed playing new games, learning new skills and discovering about types of learners and how experiential education can build and develop children’s outlook on a subject. We delved into how things discovered in a classroom can have an impact outside the classroom; looking at the knock – on affects these SDGs have on each other, on our local community, and on our global community. 

On Tuesday once our facilitators got to grips with the programme they created their own vision statements and debated what learning objectives Get Global aims to give the students who take part. 

We looked at aiming to empower students to grow their confidence, develop their skills at creative entrepreneurship, give students the opportunity to lead their peers, get involved with other student year groups and discover the possibility of being a change maker. It is awesome to have such inspiring people come on board to bring this programme to life. All our facilitators are from Medie, they have seen this community change already and are passionate to help it develop further. They are men and women passionate about youth engagement in this community and beyond. All our facilitators believe the UN’s SDGs can have a positive impact and can help build a better future for upcoming generations. 

In some ways January still seems a long way off but it’ll definitely be here before we know it. Having spent the two days with our 6 facilitators, I can’t wait for January to come and for these leaders to get out there in Media and Get Global! 

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