Aug 2017

I Didn’t Even Notice

I Didn’t Even Notice


When I got on the plane on the 21st of July 2017 I really had no idea where this trip would take me or Move the World for that matter. I felt a lack of inadequacy and spent the majority of the flight writing a letter to myself. In that letter I admitted my fears, concerns and tears and made a commitment to at the very least live each moment while I was away.

Before I got on the plane things started happening-
I didn’t take the time to notice;
when I arrived in Ghana things continued to happen at the airport-
I didn’t take the time to notice;
when I was picked up to a large hello and many cuddles-
I didn’t take the time to notice

In fact I didn’t start to notice until I let go and just let it happen. All of a sudden this wasn’t the Ghana that I’ve been to before, it was new, it was exciting and yet it was home and familiar.

I started to realise that unless I take a chance- nothing will happen and if nothing happens that’s worse than something maybe going wrong.

Sending myself to Accra, being hosted by a friend, colleague and inspiration was just the start. Meeting after meeting, gaining interest and momentum I started to ‘make things happen.’

When the Aug Team arrived on the 31st it was time to kick into high gear. Running a program alone is a whole new ball game and daunting at times. There is no down time.. there is no telling your co-worker, ‘you take this one’ and there definitely isn’t anytime to be ill. I somehow managed to find 3 times to be ill… but there again, I didn’t take the time to notice that if I let go and let it happen, let the process and team we have developed do their thing it may just work.

I wouldn’t wish to be ill again nor would I hope it on anyone else, but I can say I’ve grown from it, I’ve listened to my body in a new way, I have trusted my team and process more than I could have planned and ultimately… I have succumbed to the phrase ‘WAWA’D’ West Africa Wins Again. 😊

My final week here has been a whirlwind of emotions. Feelings of wanting to do more, wanting to make a BIG(ger) change… and yet once again I didn’t notice what was happening. I have been able to spend time with family- something I have missed so much.

So now my days start by being awoken by 3 children at my bedside, we have a few cuddles and then eat breakfast all together, we play school and they show me the true meaning of learning, we colour together, we take walks together and we sing together. We have learnt the expectation of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and we’re working on the ‘may I…’ instead of ‘give me this…’

I sit at the family table for dinner, and nothing special is made for me- I am family. I sit at the table for hours and hours after dinner chatting with Momma, talking about life, love and everything in between.
Momma and I have made pizza together, we have sat and chatted in the kitchen, we have had skipping rope competitions and we have bonded on a different level all together. In fact, I feel on a new level in the Woma Household.

Ghana, once again you have captured my entire being- you are my happy place. You are a place I can trust to be fully me, bask in your beauty and your untold stories. A place where people are people yet special and a place that holds a piece of me when I’m away.

So my pledge moving forward

Take the time to notice,
Take the moment to stop
Take the instance to see something new-
a new chapter begins today-
Let’s make things happen.

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