Welcome to Medie, Ghana

Moving the world, one community at a time

Through our partnership with the Dagara Music Centre, (based in Medie) we have established strong ties with this community, it’s leadership, schools and community members.

Our experience trips are based in Medie and work closely with Saakumu Dance Troupe. Each trip allows us to support our community led projects through resources and funding.

Over the past 2 years our focus has been on building relationships, establishing a team and identifying the key areas for development.


The Problem: The increase in population and lack of infrastructure has caused severe sanitation issues. Plastic waste, household waste and human faeces are causing severe health issues and environmental problems.

The Project: StreetsmART
A monthly educational workshop and pick up


The Problem: Medie has grown from 10,000 to 25,000 people in just 10 years. It does not have the quality schools necessary to provide education to all youth in the area. Schools and under-resourced and under-managed.

The Project: Sowers Academy Development

Youth Engagement

The Problem: The growing number of young people without Senior High School education or vocational training is causing high unemployment rates and a rise in alcoholism and drug use.

The Project: The Project:
Community Sports and Music Events
Football Tournaments etc.

About Medie

Population: 25,000

Location: Greater Accra Region

Primary / Junior Schools: 15

Senior High Schools: 2

90% households without a toilet

Original Industry: Farming

Local Businesses: Blue Skies, Voltic

MTW Medie Team


Joseph Fiagbe      Michael Woma      Abdul Mumin