Sowers Academy

About Sowers Academy

Sowers Academy is a private primary and junior school in Medie, Ghana. The owner, Emmanuel Ameyaw built the school, as it stands, with his own limited resources to provide education to the growing number of children in the area who couldn’t afford the government school fees. The school now has over 220 students from age 3 to age 20 who are all passionate about their education.
We have been working with Sowers Academy since 2015, building relationships with the leadership, teachers and students and developing what we believe to be a sustainable and long term development plan.

The Development Plan


Our Fundraisers

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Funding and Support

The 10 identified areas of development are interconnected and as equally important as each other, however ‘Building and Infrastructure’ and ‘Resources and Equipment’ are the most financially dependent. Without the support of external funding in these areas it will be impossible to make significant progress.

The problem:
– overcrowded classrooms
– no electricity
– no access to clean drinking water
– unsecured compound
– leaking roofs and open classrooms
– unsanitary bathroom facilities
– lack of teaching materials
– lack of learning materials and equipment
– broken desks

Sowers Vision

an environment where students, parents, staff and community members work together to make change

inspire academic excellence, leadership and collaboration

teach in ways that promote creativity and a passion for learning

cultivate students to become confident global citizens by teaching them about the world

set high expectations for every learner whilst providing individual support

create a culture that values discipline, manners and respect

support disadvantaged youth in the community by providing them the opportunity of an education through a scholarship programme