Joe’s 2018 Reflections

“Welcome back home” the team welcomes me in April 2018 from my dance tour to the States with Saakumu Dance Troupe. I was overly excited to be back home in Ghana and to meet my loving MTW family, Megan, Claire, Jacque and their three partners. We had a very productive/ fun week, planning for our new project Get Global and also celebrating Megan’s pre-Ghanaian traditional style-wedding. Sadly, the week went by so fast and it was time for the team to return back to UK but I was rest assured they’ll be back in no time for they were going back to keep on working hard as they always do!

After a few weeks they were back again, “Ayayai” these ladies never rest!
Megan and Claire were back with a group of 13 where 6 of them were from West Point and 7 from a charity organization in the states called Give Hope Global.
This whole group amazed me because they had Sowers Academy at heart and they donated and buildt a whole playground for the school which now puts a smile on the faces of many kids day in and day out. They also donated backpacks to each and every student in the school!
After an intensive week of creative thinking and hard working, we had the playground built up from the ground. The Give Hope Global team left and the West Point group stayed on for the remaining two weeks!

The second week was sight seeing in some selected areas in Ghana as well as planning for the third week. By the time we were back from our excursion trip we were ready for the third week.
The third week went by pretty fast with an intensive bootcamp with Sowers Academy and Kotoku Senior High School Cadet Corps Team on leadership and teamwork. We had a very fun and productive bootcamp and the students learnt a lot out of the whole week.
Time again went by as it always does and they were gone.

Here comes November with Claire, Caroline – yes Caroline- an Alumni of MTW trips to Ghana, the whole Ghana team was so happy to see her back again after two good years, back again with the team, helping out with the good work.
They were back this time with a yoga team; two lovely ladies, Barbara and Inés who I call my Gurus cause they trained me to become a yoga teacher and practitioner. They were here for a fully fun, packed and active 10 days.
We held interactive workshops with Sowers Academy and Meyah Preparatory School on yoga/meditation (body movements and mindfulness exercises).

Then after 4 full days, it was time for the Yoga Teacher Training. Myself, Emma, Mustafa and Agbe were students. The session was very intensive and jam-packed. We learnt a lot from them as they gave us all they could give in the two days of the teacher training. I’m really grateful for their time, energy and all the hardships they had to go through to make this trip happen! My heart goes out to you Barbara and Inés and whoever helped in making the Yoga trip happen, NAMASTE!!!I already began missing them before they were gone.

Then we were left with Caroline who did an amazing job by leading the MTW Ghana Team through a two day workshop on our Get Global Education Programme and all the inside outs of running a Get Global workshop as a facilitator. The training was enlightening and educative! Caroline left for the UK after the two days Get Global Training and the whole team is now committed to building a strong foundation to put up a vibrant fun sustainable Get Global program which will kick start in January 2019!
Stay put, fasten your seatbelts and be ready to fly around the globe with Get Global!

Move The World, we always move your world.

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