A Team Day with a Difference

Our team engagement packages are focussed on building trust and alignment to purpose in your team and whilst we do that, your money goes directly to education projects in Ghana.

Expert Facilitation

Our expert facilitators will design engaging and informative sessions for your team to build trust and alignment. Our focus on group work helps to develop people’s capacity to appreciate difference and improve overall effectiveness.

Sector Experience

We have experience working with management teams and groups across many sectors; creative industries, software & technology, design and marketing, arts organisations and more.

Impact at our core

We genuinely care about people. We want to make a difference both with the teams we work with in the UK and with the education projects our team in Ghana run to impact the lives of hundreds of youth.

What we do

Team Dynamics

We use a variety of methods including the Kantor Profiling Assessment to assess the make up of a team and through supporting dialogue help to shift stuck patterns of behaviour to make the group more effective and appreciative of difference.

Purpose Alignment

We work with you to ensure that we design the day’s around your agenda for the team and fully understand your want from this experience. This will ensure better buy-in and uptake – it’s not a one size fits all approach.

Meeting Support

We provide support to help make your meetings more engaging and creative. Using different processes and design methodologies we can help tap into the potential of those often laborious meetings!

Who We Are

Megan Preston

Aside from Move The World, Megan is a consultant with RISE Beyond and is passionate about people and organisational development. Her facilitation and process design have supported hundreds of people around the world.

Claire Hardy

Claire loves to combine her love for people with fun, interactive, creative exercises, getting people to explore who they are in the context of their lives and leaving them with a want for more!

Jacque Price

Jacque combines her yoga teacher experience and her focus on mindfulness and personal development to provide safe and creative places for people to learn and grow together.

Team Engagement Days

4 Day Package

Change doesn’t happen over night, and we believe to make a real lasting difference, one team day just won’t do it. We offer a 4 day package that can be spread across a 12 month period which will provide more framing and support for your team to experiment and embed their learning into their everyday practices.

What others say

Glenn Watkins, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives – London

Megan delivered an insightful, practical and engaging Structural Dynamics workshop with Academy for Chief Executives members. Megan has an infectious passion and energy which brought the group closer together while equipping them with more awareness and clarity to work with their teams and wider communities more effectively. Highly Recommended!

Lisa Steele, Chief Executive, Chai Cancer Care
Claire and Megan led a Team Building afternoon with 60 of our staff. Everyone was buzzing after the session and are still talking about it. They pitched it just right and really listened to what we wanted to do and the result was excellent. Very professional and warm and thank you again.

Your fees go directly to Ghana Community Projects

We are a charity and we provide these services to organisations in the UK not just because we’re passionate about supporting change in teams and groups here, but also to support our community development projects in Medie, Ghana.

An example of what you will help us to fund:

  • £400 to run a Community Leadership Programme
  • £600 to run 4 StreetsmART environmental clean up programmes
  • £2,000 for resources for one classroom

Your fee is a charitable donation and therefore qualifies for Gift Aid.