Aug 2017

Now Is The Time

Joseph reflects on the last Saturday of the August Trip- have a read – the Time is Now….


It’s 8:00am as I looked at the time on my phone, ‘oh no I’m late, the team might already be gone for the hike!’ I quickly woke up, took my bag running to the centre and they were now having they’re breakfast, ‘oh lord I’m not late.’

Joining them at the table as Lois finishes reading her blog to the team, I had some breakfast and left them to check off other things. The girls were ready for hiking but I couldn’t make it cause DMC staff had a meeting with Bernard at that same morning! DMC staff all sat and waited for Bernard to come. After a few minutes, as he was out, we had a short meeting (for once in a long time).
When the girls were back from hiking they went straight to making some touch ups to the Move the World wall in the centre. They had a good time painting while I was doing laundry. We all had a chilled afternoon so I decided to do some art work. After a while, some of the girls were in their  rooms but Megan West was outside wanting to keep herself busy so we went on a hot afternoon walk, buying some Ghanaian local spices she wanted to get back home for her chef Dad!
The walk was actually my highlight of the day.

After a while of chilling back in the center, evening rehearsal started. Rehearsing all the dances that will be performed the next day at the party and some new dances DMC staff have been learning – we finished it with the collaboration piece we’ve made.

Time for dinner! We all had dinner together and I tried to sneak off to shower but these smart girl caught me and managed to get my bum back to the table for HLO, (Highlight, Learning, Observation) I was the last to finish it and I was then granted the visa to go shower, Lol.

I’ve already started missing you girls. And I have my MTW wife! Come on the Alumni trip if you want to find out who my MTW wife is! 🙂 sending out hugs and smiles to whoever reads my short blog!

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