The power of


Learning about ourselves and others to become more confident global citizens.

Creating powerful learning experiences

We create experiences that help to develop aware, compassionate and confident young people. With a focus on music and dance as a medium for expression, we engage the millennial generation in the UK and in Ghana in discussion about themselves, their community and the world.

With experiential education at our core, we believe learning by seeing is one of the fastest, most impactful ways to open people’s eyes to new realities and inspire them to think differently.

We facilitate impactful experiences that take people outside their comfort zone and connects them to people from different experiences and backgrounds.  We engage with artists, entrepreneurs, change-makers and community leaders – from all generations. We blend this external focus on experience with time for reflection, personal development and dialogue.

Advancing Global Citizenship

We believe a global citizen is a person who is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role and ability to make a change. A person who celebrates diversity and uses their personal power to raise awareness of causes and issues they are passionate about. It is through learning to understand yourself and those around you that confidence to act to make the world a more sustainable world emerges. 

Our framework of Global Citizenship can be seen below and our experiences and programmes help to address 6 of the 9 areas. 

Young Women’s Leadership Exchange – Medie, Ghana

Ghana Development Experience for dancers