Our Quarterly Update – July 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on our website, so here goes… can you believe we’re in August!

The last quarter has had its ups and downs yet we find ourselves today re-focussed, with new people, new opportunities and with continued support.

Get Global Pilot

Last week we completed our Get Global pilot programme at Meyah Prepatory school in Medie, Ghana. This is our flagship programme designed to advance Global Citizenship education in partnership with schools. The programme was delivered to two year groups by 4 locally trained facilitators and we are so pleased with the results. A full pilot report will be released towards the end of this year.

People Changes

During the last quarter, we had quite a few people changes. We said good-bye to our founder Jacque Rossi, as she steps down to focus on her new project focussed on environmental conservation. We also saw our Ghana Director, Emmanuel Mumuni move to GIZ to run their entrepreneurs programme across Ghana. Luckily for us, Emmanuel is moving on to our Trustee Board so we won’t lose his passion, knowledge or expertise!

We hired a new Get Global programme co-ordinator, now in place to lead with the roll-out of the Get Global programme in the new academic year. Lawrencia Awuku comes with vast experience in education and programming and we are so pleased to have her on board! Caroline Capon in our UK team also stepped up to lead our private trip this summer which successfully hosted a group of US students in Ghana – well done Caroline!

Our trustee board also changed, we welcomed Emmanuel and said good-bye to Farouk, Aaron and Jacque – all of which have served us loyally for the past couple of years.

Strategic Clarity

We had a great annual trustee retreat in Ghana in April, where we pulled apart our strategy, explored how we see the sustainability of our approach and discussed ways in which we might be able to scale our programmes across Ghana and also, hopefully, one-day, internationally. We returned to the UK energised and find ourselves ready for the next phase of our organisational development. You can view our theory of change by going to ‘About Us’ and we will be uploading our annual report soon. Our focus for the rest of year is on 1. fundraising to enable us to roll out phase 2 as planned and 2. expanding Get Global to 7 more schools in the 2019-2020 academic year.

We would love to hear from you and we welcome any thoughts, questions, connections you may have

Keep moving the world,


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