Our Story

How our journey to find our own purpose led to us helping others find theirs.

Move the World started out as Awareness Through Dance (ATD) which was founded in 2012 to provide dancers with an opportunity to make a difference. As dancers we felt we had so much to offer to the world, yet little opportunity to do so apart from on stage. Our first trip was to Kenya, where we partnered with Movement For Hope and climbed Kilimanjaro in aid of Giving Africa.

 As we grew, we established a partnership in Ghana with the Dagara Music Centre in Medie, Ghana and developed immersive programmes for dancers to step out of their comfort zone and get involved with social impact. Our relationship with the community of Medie grew and we started to work with the local community members to identify how our partnership could support their development.

We are passionate that our work on the ground is not seen or taken as ‘western aid’, but as a collaboration – where ownership and responsibility is with local leaders.

As our projects developed and our trips grew in popularity so did our community and we found that many people, not just dancers, wanted to join an experience. So we said… ‘of course!’ We started exploring ways in which our methods could be offered to more people. We started our UK outreach programmes which are now running in schools around the UK and made the decision to change our name and structure to Move The World.

We hope that this next phase of our journey will provide many more opportunities to people around the world to be empowered to make a difference.