Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

Supporting change-makers in communities to develop their facilitation skills in order to improve the effectiveness of the work they are involved in.

Move The World runs training workshops for community members interested in increasing their leadership, project management and group facilitation skills. With experience in programme design, facilitation and leadership development, our trainings are well placed to support the growth of passionate young people.

Training for Organisations

Partnering with other small organisations to run workshops to enable them to think about how they are working together and provide them some skill training to enable their work together to be more effective.

“The facilitator training enlightened us on how to facilitate people in a more interactive, energetic and less tiring way, which is really important for our work. The group dynamics section and understanding active listening were the highlights for us.”
1 Billion Africa, April 2018

Training for Groups

Working with groups in the community and offering more structured support to enable their project work to be more effective.

“The training was educative, transforming and non discriminative. It really inspired me.”
Nov 2017