Get Global

An interactive programme teaching youth about themselves, their community and the world.

What is Get Global?

Get Global is a Move The World education programme designed to challenge students to think about the world around them, engage in interactive activities and harness their capabilities as Global Citizens. For more on our Global Citizenship Approach click here. 

Get Global is a 6 month program for students aged 9-11 years. Get Global partners with private and government schools in Ghana and provides a trained, local Get Global Facilitator to lead the programme. Classes have a Get Global session every 2 weeks, where students, with the aid of a ‘Get Global Passport’ are taken through an interactive programme focussed on the first 6 Sustainable Development Goals.

Why Get Global?

Today’s generation of youth is the largest the world has ever known. One in every three people alive today is under the age of thirty, and around ninety per cent of young people are living in developing countries, mainly Asia and Africa.

Ghana is no different. With more than 10 million people aged 15–34 years, the youth represent the biggest demographic group, accounting for over a third of the population and a significant share of working age people.

The UN Development Goals has established that young people are a driving force for development – but only if they are provided with the skills and opportunities need to reach their potential, support development and contribute to peace and economic development. One way of doing this is by implementing Global Citizenship strategy for children and youth where they become part of the solutions of the world’s problems.

The Pilot Programme

2018 has seen the design and development of Get Global and we are excited to launch the pilot of Get Global in January 2019 in the community of Medie, Ghana. Following the pilot, we hope to run another training for facilitators and roll out the programme at 10 schools by 2020.

“We must foster Global Citizenship.
Education is about more than literacy and numeracy, it is also about citizenry.
Education must fully assume it's essential role in helping people to forge more just, peaceful and tolerant societies."

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General (2012)

Focussed on the first 6 SDG's:

Designed to support Global Citizenship development:

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