Sophia’s Ghana experience

I was asked to share about my trip to Ghana, where do I start and how do I express in words the truly incredible experience I had.

Many people asked me at the start of my trip if Africa was as I expected, the truth is I had no expectations, I went ready to throw myself into anything and everything and just take in the world around me. It took me a couple of days to acclimatise and adjust to my surroundings, but in no time I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable in my new environment.

We stayed in Medie at the Dagara Music Centre, an open, welcoming place with many people coming in and out and an abundance to enjoy/learn there. Most of our meals were here, we enjoyed dance and music lessons, team building sessions and just got to understand and get a true feel of Ghanaian life by staying at this centre. Those that live at the centre embraced us and let us be part of whatever was happening in their lives during our stay. It was through them and other encounters over this trip that I realised how unbelievably welcoming, loving, giving and embracing the Ghanaian culture is, and it was beautiful. The dance and music lessons I had the chance to partake in were simply brilliant and I absolutely loved every moment of them!

Joining the Move The World team on this trip meant I had the chance to learn and understand a little more about the work they do and not only did I learn so much myself but I was so impressed and blown away by their continuous dedication and hard work. Their efforts to spread their work, build connections, get involved in the community, all of it was just mind blowing. The team themselves were all friendly, unique characters who added so much to my overall experience. We shared so much in such a short period of time, we saw and learnt things about each other and all of these are precious memories made that I will not forget.

Throughout the trip I had the chance to encounter some truly inspirational people and found myself in situations that were remarkable. When thinking back or talking about those moments it struck me that all these scenarios were very deep, meaningful experiences, and I have been asked why, why were they like that, what do you mean? It has been very hard for me to answer, I don’t know why or how but I met so many people and found myself in so many situations over the short 10 day trip that I had, that truly touched me. Be it from the conversation and the way it evolved, the topics discussed, the person themselves, the environment, and all of them were so special.

Getting the chance to work along side the Move The World UK and Ghanaian teams, seeing how they operate with the students and also getting the chance to be hands on with the children, observe and get involved was so lovely. The children were so uplifting, enthusiastic and eager adding pure joy to this trip.

Upon my return to the UK from this trip I felt genuinely upset to leave Ghana and come back. Not only was the pace and quality of life lovely, but I felt a freedom whilst there that I didn’t want to let go of. I felt overwhelmed from the entire trip and it took me a little while to find my feet again here in the UK. The whole trip was wonderful and I’m so thankful to everyone I got to encounter and share moments with, as this trip will stay with me forever.

Written by Sophia Theodosiou

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