Global Citizenship In:Education

Building the skills, knowledge and creativity necessary to be successful in our complex and changing world.

Build personal, community and global leadership skills

Our school programmes offer experiential learning experiences to students through workshops and activities that engage students in exploring elements of global citizenship. Our focus is on developing skills such as self-awareness, confidence, team work, global knowledge and empathy. We believe that these skills are essential for building well rounded individuals who have the ability to succeed in their careers as well as comprehend and take action on the vast global challenges we face today. The content of the programmes includes:

  1. Understanding diversity – activities that explore what diversity means, how it shows up in our daily lives and how we respect and understand different perspectives that diversity brings.
  2. Self-awareness – activities that encourage a student to explore who they are, their strengths, weaknesses, values and sense of purpose.
  3. Cultural appreciation – Using activities such as dance and music we engage students in exploring the cultures of the world. Learning traditional dances and music of other countries helps to develop a deeper level of understanding and appreciation for the beauty of other cultures.
  4. Team work – activities and games that require students to work collectively to achieve the outcome means that we can support them in understanding how they operate within a group and develop the skills that are required to support and work together effectively.

Our workshops have supported students who lack self-confidence, groups of students where there is history of bullying and individuals who seek to make a difference and follow their dreams yet don’t know how or where to start.

“The sessions have been both enjoyable and beneficial for our students. Move the world has allowed them to develop confidence working in groups as well as individual performance.” Tanwen Batchelor, Head of PE, Clapton Girls Academy



With a focus on personal discovery, these workshops will provide a space for students to explore how they can take personal and community action. Students will learn about their strengths, values and passions in context with their peers and their community.

2-4 hour workshops


Go deeper into challenging perceptions and breaking boundaries to develop students into creative global citizens. These programmes use movement and other creative mediums to encourage students to discover who they are and what impact they can have on those around them.

Customised after school programmes


Start a Move The World club at your school and engage your community in activities and performances. These clubs help strengthen leadership skills, provide opportunities for personal growth and bring students together for positive causes.

Create a Community

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