Welcome to the Team!

2016 has brought surprises and made history in many ways worldwide. For Move the World it has been the year of rebranding, redefining and moving forward. We have seen the transition from Awareness Through Dance, a larger team to include our supportive Board of Directors and our intern, Natasha who immediately became part of the company. The UK has seen a lot of change from us- and we’re excited to announce that Ghana is ready for the change as well.

Allow us to introduce you to the first Move the World Medie Community Development Managers- Michael Woma and Joseph Fiagbe!

These gentlemen have been involved in every trip since 2015 and have shown keen interest in immersing themselves to better their community. They have exponentially increased their skills as facilitators and leaders in Medie and have most recently been sighted running workshops with 200+ children!

Joe and Michael will be head of the inner workings in Medie, working closely with Sowers Academy, StreetsmART projects and ambassadors as well as networking with potential funders and partners.

Join us in welcoming Michael and Joseph officially to the Move the World Team!

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