Aug 2017

We’re Writing a Book

We’re Writing a Book

August was a whirlwind of a month! Our team began writing their own ‘books’ with titles that meant the most to them. Have a read of chapter one….

I Am Becoming More:

It’s been 3 weeks of an adventure that I am so lucky to have been on. The things I learned here, the person I have become is someone more whole, someone more free and someone that I feel is more me. At the final party on Sunday night we had lots of presentations of traditional dancing and afterwards we had a huge dance party. I hadn’t really noticed the change in me until then. I had always been the wallflower when it came to parties. I never would go out and dance unless someone pulled me into the mix. But here, I wanted to dance, and so I danced. I went out onto the dance floor that only had a few kids on it, and even though at points I was dancing by myself, I still had so much fun and felt so complete. I know I probably looked like an idiot half the time, but for once I didn’t care. I didn’t judge myself and I didn’t care if others judged me. Spending time with the people here in Ghana was one of my favourite parts of this trip. Everyone had such a joy in them, everyone had a rhythm that they just couldn’t contain. The joy and life just seeped out of every aspect of all the people. Getting to spend time here and experience a life that s truly full was simply amazing.
At the party, Bernard had the whole Move The World team come up to the front of the dance floor before kicking off the party. When I introduced myself and told everyone I was 18, Bernard’s reaction was great. He looked at the audience and said ’18 years old, She’s only just graduated high school, and she came here’ he went on about how I was brave to make such a journey and that he could see in me the power to change the world. I now truly believe that I can change the world, no matter how small, and that I am already changing the world.

This entire trip was something that I pray to never forget. The things I experienced, the joy I felt, the love, the wholeness is something I know I can bring back to my life in Canada. I found a freedom to be myself and a love, a joy in living life. I found a motivation to make my life what I want it to be and to find my purpose. Move the World, thank you, this trip was truly an experience of a life time and I will be coming back to Ghana (don’t think you can get rid of me that easy). So to all the people I met here at the DMC, thank you and see you soon!



Limitations Do Not Exist:

As this trip comes to an end, I am having mixed emotions. Excitement to explore London, happiness to go home, and sadness to leave.

I am grateful that I decided to jump on this opportunity and come to Ghana. I have learnt a lot, not only about Ghana, but also about myself. I have a greater appreciation for what I have at home like school, air conditioning, paved roads, and just life in general. This break gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone, experience, grow, and take some much needed me time. I feel that leaving I know myself better than before I came on this trip; I have been able to feel and finally start to hear what I am telling myself.

Strangely enough I will miss the daily cold showers that I willingly took. And the pineapple! Seriously, it is just heaven here! Everyone here is so welcoming and open. They open everything to you, their homes, heart, and culture. I will never forget the laughter and smiles. There is a genuine happiness that you find with everyone surrounding you that wraps around your heart and makes you smile.

Coming onto this trip I felt like a visitor, a welcomed visitor, but still a visitor. I leave feeling like family and that I have another home that I am always welcome in.

I am excited to start my new journey as I feel like this trip has become a turning point for me. I have experienced, grown, and changed as a person. I feel that this “new version” of me is still the “old” me but improved, I have been able to realise and see things that others may say and see but is difficult to see in yourself. I have just gained so much knowledge of myself and the people around me that I feel empowered. I am going to go home and continue with the work that I have started on this trip.



It’s Time to Discover Me:

The day I’ve been dreading has finally arrived, by this time tomorrow I’ll be back in the UK, heading back to Wales and normal life. Yet, I won’t be returning as the same person that I was when I left, this experience has thrown my entire life perspective into a new dimension. It has changed me; changed how I view the world, how I connect with those around me, how I connect with myself and how I fit in to the bigger picture. I’m still Megan, but my soul has been reborn, my passion for life is back, there is joy running through every part of my being. Coming into this trip I wasn’t sure what to expect, what I would feel, or even if it was the right thing for me and yet here I am with that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re not ready for something to end, not ready to say goodbye.

It hasn’t been an easy process, there have been amazing highs, but the lows snuck their way in too, and that’s okay, as without the combination of both, I wouldn’t have been able to immerse myself in all that this trip has been, all that I’ve been a part of, the impact I’m leaving behind and that is coming with me. I’m leaving finally beginning to know who I am, what I want out of life. I’ve challenged myself in ways I couldn’t have imagined, built friendships, built a new family. I’ve discovered what truly matters to me.

The culture, the laughter, the colour, the creativity, the people. There is this constant atmosphere of pure love, it’s always there wherever you go, it’s in every smile, every hug, every dance and song, it’s in the air and now it’s a part of me. I’ve found somewhere that makes me feel whole, people who want you to be happy and be loved, who simply want you to be you. I may be physically leaving, but I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of belonging. I’m forever connected to this magical place, to every single incredible and inspiring person. Most importantly, I’m forever connected to the desire and determination to build something truly wonderful, to empower and create. Connected to a community who value life no matter the circumstance or situation, to people who value me.

I can’t predict how my next chapter is going to play out, but I do know that I will never let this feeling go, it will be with me wherever life takes me, whatever cards I’m dealt, whoever comes and goes. Ghana, the DMC and Move the World are now all pieces of my heart, embedded in everything I am and will be and that is where they will always stay.

Megan xxx

This is the Time:

This trip was amazing even though the number was small. It has brought me to speed on my teaching and learning skills. Also, being more dynamic on my inter-cultural knowledge. It was tough to be apart of this trip due to my working hours with DMC but this has taught me ways of how to manage more than one task at hand. I am very grateful to always be apart  of MTW. We keep moving the world til its moved.


Making Things Happen:

Blogs are probably the best part of the trip for me, as I get an insight to what everyone is feeling and experiencing. These ladies did not disappoint…. A quieter and smaller group than previous trips, but just as perfect as any. They have overcome flight sickness, homesickness and a whole lot of obstacles- but they are strong, confident and ready to face the next stage in life. This trip has allowed me to see MTW in a new light- a fresh start if you will. Jerome told me the other day that I arrived 2.5 years ago as a visitor but am now considered a Ghanaian- a local. It took a lot to hold back the emotions.

This was the first time that MTW has sent one facilitator out for our bespoke trips and I was nervous of my capability, nervous that I would get ill, and scared I would mess it all up. Talk about confidence blow…. But here’s the thing, we have worked so hard on the processes of these trips and the support we have here in Medie that it all worked out. I had no choice but to buck up and make it happen, I did get ill (three times…) and the show still went on, and pretty sure we’ve made the most progress with plans and potential funders than ever before.

So taking a piece of this trip for myself and I am writing a new ‘book’- its called, Making Things Happen, and it begins July 21, 2017 when I boarded that plane in tears and anticipation; it doesn’t have a beginning or an ending but a new chapter is starting now.

The team has their own books to go write- and I can’t wait to read them…



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